Here u will see the rules and how to order KalCash:

Rules: You can order KalCash one time in a week.
            If u will send me a 2 or 3 or 4......, i will ignor you!
            If you aren´t sure with this side, you can let it, but I say it all times, THIS IS A REAL, LEGAL SIDE
            You go to the category "Bestellen/Order" and then u send me a mail, and so you order KalCash
            If somone make it wrong by to insult me or the side i will ingnor you,too!!

            YOU CAN ONLY PAY WITH PAYSAFECARDS!!!! 10er PSC=250 KalCash/25kk
                                                                                             25er PSC=800 KalCash/60kk
                                                                                             50er PSC=2000 KalCash/150kk
                                                                                            100er PSC=4500 KalCash/400kk


How to Order: If you have read the rules, it is very easy!!
                          -First you read the rules
                          -Then you go to the category Bestellen/Order
                          -There u will write me a mail....the content of the mail must be:

                              -Your email address (You will get a message if u have got the KalCash or not)
                              -And then u will get KalCash Points!!

                              -!!!!!Send me what u want KalCash or GEONS!!!!!
                             -U MUST SEND YOUR PAYSAFECARD CashCode number,too!!!


                      HAVE FUN AND TELL THIS SIDE YOUR FRIENDS!!! :D

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